1. 大学英语话题作文范文【三篇】

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        Usually, the Valentine’s Day has no connection with the traditional Chinese festival, but this year, the Lantern festival falls on the same day with the lovers’ day. Well, some young will face a dilemma,especially for those who doesn’t get married. Should they spend the day with their families or their hot lovers? That’s a question. I’ve got a key that can solve this problem. 通常来说,情人节不会和中国的传统节日有什么联系。但是今年,情人节和元宵节居然在同一天。一些年轻人就面临着进退两难的决定,特别是那些还没结婚的恋人。他们到底是应该花时间陪男/女朋友呢,还是和家人一起过元宵节呢?这真是个问题。我有个解决这个问题的办法。 Family comes first of course. You should wake up a little earlier in the morning, and help your mother in the kitchen. On the Lantern Festival, making rice balls and dumplings are the traditional activities. Having a reunion dinner with the whole family is also very important, so you need to show up and stay with your family for the whole morning. Spend some time with your family. Keep them company and make them happy. In the afternoon, there are maybe not so busy, you can plan for the Valentine’s Day with your girlfriend or boyfriend, you can have some snacks in 4p.m, and tell your parents you will hang out with your friends at night and not having supper at home tonight. They would be understood. Then you can take your girlfriend or boyfriend to a nice restaurant and see the latest movie after dinner. Do not forget to present the gift you prepare for your lover. Make your lover happy, too. 家庭当然放在第一位了。在元宵节那天,你应该起得比平时稍微早一点,然后去厨房帮忙。在元宵节的那天,做汤圆和包饺子是一项传统的活动。和大家庭一起吃顿团圆饭也非常重要,所以不能缺席。所以,一个早上的时间,你都得留在家里面陪伴家人,让他们开心。到了下午,也许就没那么忙碌了。你就可以计划今晚怎么和你的男朋友或是女朋友过情人节了。在4点左右随便吃点东西,然后告诉父母今晚要和朋友出去玩,不在家吃晚饭了,他们会理解的。然后你就可以带着你的女朋友或者男朋友一家好点的餐厅吃饭,然后去看最新上映的电影。别忘了给他/她你精心准备的礼物,让他/她开心。 I think everybody should find a balance between family love and lover’s love. If I can only choose one, I will choose family love over the other. Because I know my family never leaves me and my parents are aging. How many days can I still be with them? So I really appreciate the days that I can still be with them. I know you will do the same just like me. 我想每个人都应该在亲情和爱情之间找到平衡点。如果非要我选择一个,那我选择亲情而不是爱情。因为我知道家庭永远不会离我而去,而我的父母却在慢慢的老去。我还能陪伴他们多少天呢?所以我格外珍惜和父母在一起的日子。我知道,你也是。


        There is a vivid saying which says “If tradition can be likened to the roots and trunk of a tree, innovation is its leaves and fruits.”


        I quite applaud this simile. From my perspective, tradition and innovation are doomed to coexist perpetually. First and foremost, tradition is a solid foundation for innovation, with abundant nutrition we can absorb, such as scientific experiment approaches and science spirits.


        Secondly, it’s the drawbacks of tradition in certain fields that give rise to inspiration and momentum to innovate. For instance, Thomas Edison, who caught the sight of the inconvenience of traditional gas light, conducted experiments and eventually invented light bulb.


        On the contrary, innovation will certainly fight against tradition. When an innovation satisfies people’s expectation ,it can gain popularity and finally make itself a new element in tradition ,which will be held in high esteem.


        In a word, tradition and innovation can never be separated. At the very time, with the ever-increasing speed of innovation, a diversity of newly-born technology and hi-tech products penetrate our daily life. I’m convinced that we’d better be absolutely conscious of our root——tradition and give priority to it. Only when we gain a thorough comprehension of it can we accomplish magnificent innovation and exert positive effect on our society as a whole.



        In China, many people believe that some numbers can bring good luck, while some are often connected with misfortune. For example, number 6 in China usually means “doing things smoothly”, number 8 means “make a fortune”, and number 10 means “prefect”. While the number such as 4, usually means “death” because its pronunciation is similar with the Chinese character Si. Therefore, the superstitious people will try their best not to choose telephone numbers or car plate numbers or door numbers which are contain with 4. And the people usually will not have their wedding on 4th. People believe those numbers have magic power, which can bring them good luck or bad luck.


        In my humble opinion, I do not think these so-called lucky numbers can bring people good luck. Number stand for nothing but quantity. They are only some arbitrary symbols used for communication. Our ancestors created numbers for counting, not for luck. People believe number 8 can bring good fortune is only because the pronunciation of eight has almost the same sound of “fa cai” in Cantonese. The ironic part is the people who choose the number on purpose do not always make big money, while the people whose telephone numbers or car plate numbers contain 4 do not kick their buckets. Shakespeare said, “If we call a rose by any other name, it would smell sweet as well.” This means there is no connection between sound and meaning. So it’s no good to believe that number has something to do with the luck.


        To sum up, we should believe in our personal ability instead of so-called lucky numbers, as a proverb goes, “Man proposes, God disposes.”